#55 - 2003/06/01 - Maimarktplatz, Mannheim, Germany


Location: Maimarktplatz, Mannheim, Germany

Capacity: n.a.

Attendance: n.a.

Revenue: n.a.

Support Act: Live



01. Bounce

02. You Give Love A Bad Name

03. Wild In The Streets

04. Livin' On A Prayer

05. Everyday

06. Runaway

07. Keep The Faith

08. Wanted Dead Or Alive

09. In These Arms

10. It's My Life

11. The Distance

12. Bed Of Roses

13. Undivided

14. Misunderstood

15. Joey

16. I'll Be There For You (Richie Sambora on lead vocals)

17. Blaze Of Glory

18. Hook Me Up

19. Born To Be My Baby

20. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

21. Raise Your Hands



22. These Days

23. Just Older

24. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

25. Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars

26. Bad Medicine w/ Shout




  • Longest show of the tour so far. In 2003 Bon Jovi and about a months later Robbie Williams played the Maimarktgelände. During the Bon Jovi show a lot of residents in that area complained about the loudness. Further more Bon Jovi played 20 minutes over the curfew. This led the city's executives making Robbie Williams to play exactly until the curfew and even threatened to arrest him if he would play any longer. Afterwards both the city and every promoter weren't interested in any open air concert at Maimarktgelände anymore. It took 8 years until there was another open air concert played again - it were Bon Jovi on July 16, 2011.
  • The Distance and Bed Of Roses are added.
  • Joey replaces Right Side Of Wrong.
  • These Days is added to the encore.
  • Twist & Shout and All About Loving You are dropped.


Some vids from that night (not mine):