#62 - 2003/06/17 - Ostseehalle, Kiel, Germany


Location: Ostseehalle, Kiel, Germany

Capacity: 9.000

Attendance: 9.000

Revenue: n.a.

Support Act: Live



Acoustic Set:

01. Have A Little Faith

02. Love For Sale

03. Livin' On A Prayer

04. Wanted Dead Or Alive

05. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

06. Something To Believe In

07. Bed Of Roses

08. Everyday

09. Diamond Ring

10. Blood On Blood

11. The Distance

12. Fever

13. Living In Sin

14. Heroes


Electric Set:

15. Joey

16. Misunderstood

17. In These Arms

18. Runaway

19. You Give Love A Bad Name

20. It's my Life

21. Born To Be My Baby

22. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

23. Rockin' All Over The World

24. Raise Your Hands



25. These Days

26. Never Say Goodbye (acoustic)





  • This show was supposed to be held on an open air side in Neumünster, Germany. The official version says that due to logistical reasons the show had to be relocated to the smaller Ostseehalle in Kiel. But low ticket sales might be the real reason for the venue change. Otherwise it's hard to believe that a show with space for 50.000 + people is relocated to a 9.000 seat arena with all the purchased tickets keeping their validity.
  • Beside that the band gave an incredible and one of the most special performances. They played the first half of the show acoustic before kicking in a fullblown electric performance. The audience loved it.
  • Rockin' In The Free World, Bounce, Lay Your Hands On Me, Keep The Faith w/ Sympathy For The Devil, Captain Crash & The Beauty Queen From Mars and Bad Medicine w/ Shout are dropped.
  • Have A Little Faith, Love For Sale, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, Something To Believe In, Bed Of Roses, Diamond Ring, Blood On Blood, The Distance, Fever, Living in Sin, Heroes, Joey, Misunderstood, In These Arms, These Days and Never Say Goodbye are added
  • Fever, the cover by Elvis Presley, gets played on tour by the band for the first time since 1993.
  • David Bryan sings the lead vocals on the first two verses of In These Arms.


Some vids from that night (not mine):