2010/11/06 - Teatro Circo Price, Madird, Spain


Location: Teatro Circo Price, Madrid, Spain

Capacity: -

Attendance: unknown




01. Not Fade Away
02. You Give Love A Bad Name
03. We Weren't Born To Follow
04. Lost Highway
05. It's My Life
06. What Do You Got
07. When We Were Beautiful
08. Wanted Dead Or Alive
09. Who Says You Cant Go Home
10. Keep The Faith w/ Sympathy For The Devil
11. Livin' On A Prayer (with Rihanna)

12. Have A Nice Day
13. Bad Medicine w/ Pretty Woman & Shout




  • Bon Jovi were in Madrid for the MTV European Music Awards the next day and played a show in a little theatre the night before.
  • Not Fade Away opened the show for the first time ever. It used to be played by Jon during his 1997/98 solo tour.
  • Rihanna joined Bon Jovi during Livin' On A Prayer.


Some vids from that night (not mine):