#01 - 2013/02/10 - Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., USA


Location: Verizon Center, Washington, D.C., USA

Capacity: 16.876

Attendance: 16.876



1. You Give Love A Bad Name
2. Lost Highway
3. Whole lot of leaving
4. Because we can
5. Thats what the water made me
6. Wild is the wind
7. It's my life
8. What about now
9. When we were beautiful
10. We got it going on
11. Keep the faith
12. Amen
13. The Fighter
14. Someday I'll be Saturday night
15. Army of one
16. We weren't born to follow
17. Whats left of me
18. Wanted dead or alive
19. Who says you can't go home
20. Captain Crash & the beauty queen from Mars
21. Bad medicine

22. In these arms
23. Have a nice day
24. I love this town
25. Living on a prayer


Audibles: I'm with you, In these arms, Born to be my baby


  • Finally the "real" tour start after the show in Uncasville the night before was just to please the fans who made it through the storm. Now it's obvious that the night before wasn't just a big soundcheck but a serious setlist.
  • Wild is the wind, which has always been a rare song, is now played right at the tour start
  • Bad medicine is back
  • No Born to be my baby, which was only an audible on the setlist


Some vids of the night (not mine):