#118 - 1993/08/28 - Hardturm, Zurich, Switzerland


Location: Hardturm, Zurich, Switzerland

Capacity: 18.000

Attendance: n.a.

Revenue: n.a.

Support Act: Little Angels, Billy Idol



01. I Believe

02. Wild In The Streets

03. You Give Love A Bad Name

04. Born To Be My Baby

05. I Can't Help Falling In Love

06. Bed Of Roses

07. Keep The Faith

08. I'd Die For You

09. Blaze Of Glory

10. Lay Your Hands On Me

11. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

12. Blood On Blood

13. Bad Medicine w/ Shout


Encore I:

14. Help

15. Wanted Dead Or Alive

16. In These Arms

17. Livin' On A Prayer


Encore II:

18. I'll Be There For You



  • The show was broadcasted on the radio, had one of the finest and clearest sound mixes of all Bon Jovi airings, but also showed at some points that Jon’s voice was straining due to the non-stop touring schedule of 1993.
  • No song in the Sleep medley.

  • I'll Be There For You replaces With A Little Help From My Friends as the final song of the night.


Some recording from that night (not mine):