#119 - 1993/08/29 - Wallersheimer Messegelände, Koblenz, Germany


Location: Wallersheimer Messegelände, Koblenz, Germany

Capacity: n.a.

Attendance: n.a.

Revenue: n.a.

Support Act: Little Angels, Billy Idol



01. I Believe

02. Wild In The Streets

03. You Give Love A Bad Name

04. Born To Be My Baby

05. I Can't Help Falling In Love

06. Bed Of Roses

07. Keep The Faith

08. I'd Die For You

09. Blood Money

10. Dry County

11. Lay Your Hands On Me

12. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

13. Blood On Blood

14. Bad Medicine w/ Shout



15. Help

16. Wanted Dead Or Alive

17. Livin' On A Prayer

18. In These Arms

19. With A Little Help From My Friends




  • Originally, this concert had been scheduled to be performed at the Loreleyfelsen in St. Goarshausen, a beautiful amphitheater-like venue at the Rhein river. But due to the capacity (15,000) and the demands for tickets, it got moved to some industrial area in Koblenz where 30,000 people attended the show in the end. Many fans have stated that the ambiance suffered enormously from the cold and soulless environment.
  • Jon was a bit off in the beginning, greeting the crowd with “Good evening Bayreuth” and also mixing up some lines in Born To Be My Baby.

  • As it was to be the standard for the following two decades, the final German show got a special setlist treatment.

  • Blood Money replaces Blaze Of Glory and leads into Dry County which returns as well!

  • The stripped-down version of Livin’ On A Prayer, which had already appeared in Germany in Stuttgart ealier the same year, is played again! The band made it a very powerful and passionate rendition.

  • It was the band’s 17th (!!!) show in Germany in 1993 and Jon did a very heartfelt speech before In These Arms, thanking the crowd for making Keep The Faith the band’s biggest album in Germany and then adding a lot of improvised lyrics over the end of the song!

  • With A Little Help From My Friends returns as the final song of the night.


No recording from that night could be found.