Tourname: Live 2015

Legs: 1

Shows: 9

Canceled: 4


Although Burning Bridges was the recent album, this tour was more an extended leg of the Because We Can tour. Playing countries Bon Jovi haven't visited in a long time or even not at all the setlists were much more of a greatest hits compilation. Rare gems weren't played and the setlist was rather static.

The shows were also rather short with an average length of 20 songs. A sad fact considering that the European stadium shows have 25 + songs each night. But when listening to Jon's vocal performance it is obvious that right now this is by far the longest he can do. He struggled every night even with easy songs like Who Says You Can't Go Home. The performances from songs like Have A Nice Day or Always let your ears bleed. During the Because We Can Tour in 2013 he often had problems with his voice and struggled to hit the high notes. This tour it was even worse.


The 9 shows had songs from 13 different albums.

The following albums were ignored:

- 7800° Fahrenheit

- Bounce

- This Left Feels Right

- 2010 Greatest Hits