#02 - 2017/02/10 - Philipps Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Location: Philipps Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Capacity: 16.665

Attendance: 16.308

Revenue: $ 1.396.007

Support Act: Maradeen



01 This House Is Not For Sale

02 Knockout

03 You Give Love A Bad Name

04 Born To Be My Baby

05 We Weren't Born To Follow

06 Lost Highway

07 Rollercoaster

08 Work For The Working Man

09 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

10 We Got It Going On

11 Who Says You Can't Go Home

12 It's My Life

13 We Don't Run

14 God Bless This Mess

15 Scars On This Guitar

16  The Devil's In The Temple

17 Lay Your Hands On Me

18 Blood On Blood

19 Have A Nice Day

20 Bad Medicine

21 Keep The Faith



22 Someday I'll Be Saturday Night

23 Wanted Dead Or Alive

24 Livin' On A Prayer 



  • I'll Sleep When I'm Dead replaced Because We Can.
  • We Don't Run was added.
  • Someday I'll Be Saturday Night was switched to the encore. Always was skipped.
  • Jon messed up the lyrics from We Weren't Born To Follow and sang the second verse twice.
  • Some "casual fans" twittered during the show how much it sucks and that they wanted to hear the hits. Obviously some folks who didn't knew that the tour is in support of This House Is Not For Sale. But it also shows that the first half of the show should be better mixed up a bit or chances are that the band loses a good part of the audience.
  • Audibles were Whole Lot Of Leaving, Raise Your Hands and Always.
  • Phil X had some trouble during the intro of Blood On Blood. But he got a brotherly kiss from Jon instead an stink eye, that's what he wrote on instagram (video see below): "i rarely do this but i have to tell the story behind this shot. between a little gear funk & not accurately hearing Tico count in Blood On Blood, my intro took a left to south pretty quick. Jon just looked at me curiously. like... "what's going on?" but it was followed by a "shit happens" grin. when we all kicked in to the power chord, i just held my arm up with an "oh well" look on my face & was greeted with this forgiving brotherly kiss."



Some vids from that night (not mine):