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This page is dedicated to one of the biggest bands on the planet - Bon Jovi.


While they have never been and still are not the critics' darlings, no-one can deny that they used to be one of the best live bands in the world.

In the last 37 years they played around 3.000 concerts in 50 countries. 

Their 2008 Lost Highway Tour, 2010 The Circle Tour and 2013 Because We Can Tour were the top grossing tours of those years. Neither The Rolling Stones nor U2 achieved this 3 times.

From 2000 onwards alone they grossed about 1 billion dollars through ticket sales.


Since the 90's Bon Jovi are known to play shows from 2.5 - 3 hours with very much variation in the setlists. This leads to fans traveling around every tour without seeing a set being played twice.

In the last 17 years the two of us have seen 8 and 12 shows ourselfes and (almost ;-)) each one of them was awesome!


So on this site we try to collect all known information about the concert dates of the past 37+ years with setlists, information about the shows, the venues and (thanks to Youtube) vids from each show.

The goal is clear: This should become the biggest Bon Jovi touring site!


We're going from the latest shows back to the beginnings, so it's always worth to come back here and check out the updates.


If you like what you see or if you got some advice: Please leave a comment in the guestbook! :- )


Keep on rockin'!

Your bjtours team!