#11 - 2022/04/21 - Enterprise Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA


Location: Enterprise Center, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Capacity: 22.000

Attendance: -

Support Act: Pioneer Salesmen



01. Limitless

02. The Radio Saved My Life Tonight

03. You Give Love A Bad Name

04. We Weren't Born To Follow

05. It's My Life

06. Beautiful Drug

07. Born To Be My Baby

08. This House Is Not For Sale

09. Just Older

10. Let It Rain

11. Keep The Faith

12. American Reckoning

13. Whole Lot Of Leavin'

14. Do What You Can

15. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

16. Lost Highway

17. Roller Coaster

18. Have A Nice Day

19. Livin' On A Prayer


Encore I:

20. Wanted Dead Or Alive

21. Who Says You Can't Go Home

22. Bad Medicine


Encore II:

23. I'll Be There For You



  • Roller Coaster returns to its usual spot.
  • After Bad Medicine, Jon told the crowd he didn't wanna go home and the band added I'll Be Ther For You. Jon did ad-libs over the outro and then left the stage while the band was still occupied with playing the tune. That left everybody on stage quite stunned when they realized "okay, Jon has already gone home". 


Some vids from that night (not mine):