#02 - 2016/10/10 - Palladium, London, UK


Location: Palladium, London, UK

Capacity: 2.286

Attendance: 2.286



01. This House is Not for Sale
02. Living With The Ghost
03. Knockout
04. Labor of Love
05. Born Again Tomorrow
06. Roller Coaster
07. New Year's Day
08. The Devil's in the Temple
09. Scars On This Guitar
10. God Bless This Mess
11. Reunion
12. Real Love
13. All Hail the King
14. We Don't Run
15. Come On Up to Our House

16. Who Says You Can't Go Home
17. Bad Medicine



  • As expected the same setlist like the show before in Red Bank.
  • Jon really took the time to explain the songs and the lyrics to the audience before starting each song.


Some vids from that show (not mine):