Released on October 08, 2002

Sanctuary II, New Jersey



01. Undivided - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Billy Falcon - 3:53

02. Everyday - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Andreas Carlsson - 3:00

03. The Distance - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child - 4:48

04. Joey - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora - 4:54

05. Misunderstood - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson - 3:30

06. All About Lovin' You - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson - 3:45

07. Hook Me Up - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Desmond Child, Andreas Carlsson - 3:54

08. Right Side Of Wrong - Jon Bon Jovi - 5:50

09. Love Me Back To Life - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora - 4:09

10. You Had Me From Hello - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Andreas Carlsson - 3:49

11. Bounce - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Billy Falcon - 3:11

12. Open All Night - Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora - 4:22


Japan Bonus Tracks

13. No Regrets - Jon Bon Jovi - 4:02

14. Postcards From The Wasteland - Jon Bon Jovi - 4:25



Jon Bon Jovi - lead vocals, guitar

Richie Sambora - lead guitar, backing vocals

Hugh McDonald – bass, backing vocals

Tico Torres - drums, percussion

David Bryan - keyboards, backing vocals



Additional Personnel
Jerry Cohen – unspecified musical contribution
Andreas Carlsson – unspecified musical contribution
Samuel Waermo – unspecified musical contribution
David Campbell – orchestral arrangements
Luke Ebbin – orchestral arrangements


Obie O'Brien
Mike Rew
Gary Tole
Graham Hawthorne
Efrain Torres
Samuel Waermo
Marc Jamison
Bob Clearmountain
Kevin Harp
George Marino
Stephen Marcussen

Luke Ebbin
Jon Bon Jovi
Richie Sambora
Desmond Child
Andreas Carlsson





 Chartname                                                       Peak position                                    Weeks in chart

US Billboard 200

German Top 100

U.K Top 100










released on August 17, 2002


US Billboard Hot 100

German Top 100

U.K. Singles Top 100



released on November 30, 2002


US Billboard 100

German Top 100

U.K. Singles Top 100


All About Lovin' You

released on May 02, 2003


US Billboard 100

German Top 100

U.K. Singles Top 100











































The Videos



  • The video for Everyday was filmed in the desert of New Mexico and, while shooting it in front of giant VLA Radio Telescopes, a thunderstorm erupted, forcing the crew to leave the set with only the band, camera men and director staying and finishing the footage. The final cut featured TVs falling from the sky all over the world with the band’s performance on it and this happening uniting people in different places.

                     Important scenes:

  • At London, England, two punks chill out in front of the Big Ben.
  • Wild Savannah in Africa: tribe members jump a skip rope.
  • Agra, India: youths skate aside the Taj Mahal.
  • Havana, Cuba: a girl plays baseball with friends in the middle of the street.
  • Moscow, Russia: TV boxes fall nearby the Saint Basil's Cathedral.
  • New York City, USA: a girl walks and jumps through the window of a taxi at Times Square.
  • Parkes radio telescope, Australia: Australian Aborigines dancing around a bonfire.
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina: people flies paper planes over a soccer stadium.
  • Some border of Israel: a soldier guards the entrance of vehicles.
  • Tokyo, Japan: Harajuku girls play with an hologram of a Pikachu-esque figure in a Tokyo street.
  • Rome, Italy: a couple kisses in front the Colosseum.


  • The second music video was for the song Misunderstood and features a guy trying to tell his girlfriend a bogus story while trying to excuse his cheating with another woman.


  • The third and final official video, All About Loving You, featured a guy standing on top of a building and a crowd gathering below, fearing he is about to commit suicide. Amongst these people is his girlfriend. He ultimately jumps and the video shows memories of the couple flashing by until he opens his parachute that has the words “Will you marry me?” written on it. After a safe landing, he successfully finishes his proposal. While all this is going on, the video cuts back and forth to the band playing the song in a room.  Jon had died his hair in a strange blonde way for the shoot and fans still claim that it was his way of rebelling against the record company’s decision of forcing the song onto the album and ultimately even making it a single.
    The video got quite some criticism from the fanbase for the jumping scenes. Part of the album is about the attacks from 9/11 where many people jumped out of the twin towers due to their desperation of being trapped in a burning building with no hope for rescue. So many fans found this video distasteful or at least it not being the right time for a scene like this.


  • For most of the songs on the album, some sort of unofficial videos appeared on the Youtube channel “TBJentertainment” which was run by Jon’s brother Anthony, but never got picked up from the official side and can nowadays be regarded as a side project that’s almost forgotten.






  • Songwriting for the album began only three weeks after the end of the One Wild Night tour, first in L.A. and then it got carried on in New Jersey. It seems they wanted to capitalize on the success of the Crush/One Wild Night cycle right away.


  • The story has been recited many times how Richie was visiting Jon in New Jersey and they both stared at the burning towers on September 11th in 2001. This lead to the direction of the album probably taking a certain turn.


  • Jon later on stated that some songs were even “too sad to leave the notebook”, specifically citing a tune called “Crying”.


  • The songs for the album were demoed in New Jersey in November of 2001.


  • Meanwhile the album had its obvious influences from September 11th, Jon went on record stating that Bounce wasn’t an album about 9/11, but a record that certainly acknowledged the tragedy of that day.


  • Much like with Crush, it seemed that the band was still fishing for their sound and tried to incorporate many current sounds into their work.


  • Many B-sides and outtakes from that era indicate that the band wanted to go for an overall harder sound with the Bounce record, however, rumours have it that the record company rejected an early version of the album and demanded more ballads to be put on it. This can be backed up by the tracklist of the later-on released promo EP “Target” which featured a lot of different and partly harder sounding tracks than the album.


  • Undivided, originally called One, became the opening track on Bounce and was speficially mentioned as being the song that dealt the most with the situation after 9/11.


  • Everyday became the first single and Jon later on admitted having thought that it was going to be a hit, probably because the band also tried to copy the success of It’s My Life with it.


  • Joey was is very reminiscent of Elton John’s Levon and a character called Joey had also been mentioned in Wild In The Streets. It is unknown if the resemblance was coincidental or not.


  • Misunderstood was written by Jon upon his return home from a long stretch of time away on location. He acknowledged there were portions of his personal life he'd neglected and wrote this song as a mea culpa to Dorothea.


  • All About Loving You, to this day, has been rumoured to have been forced onto the album by the record label. The fact that the original album version with the full band has never been played fuels that theory.


  • Hook Me Up was written after Jon and Richie had read an article about a young boy in Palestine trying to contact the “outer world” with a ham radio. Therefore they simulated a Morse code and sampled it into the track.


  • Around this time, Jon got more and more into the storyteller aspect of songs and tried to follow that path by paying homage to his western influences with the song Right Side Of Wrong, a modern-day tale of Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid.


  • Much like with Thank You For Loving Me on Crush, the title You Had Me From Hello relied to a sentence spoken by Cameron Crowe in the movie Jerry Maguire in 1996.


  • Jon Bon Jovi initially had the idea for a song called Bounce towards the end of the band's 2001 tour. At the time, it was a more sports-themed lyric. After the events of September 11th, what was an athletic anthem morphed into something bigger. The concept of the word bounce now referred, not only to the people and the city of New York, but to the nation as a whole and, in a way, to Bon Jovi. The word represents the resiliency of the people, the city, the nation... and the band.


  • The album’s closing track, Open All Night, was Jon’s nod towards his role in the TV series Ally McBeal. Due to the pregnancy of his wife Dorothea, his character had to be written out of it earlier than planned and with the song, he brought it to an end that regarded as more fitting than what the producers had come up with. It can be regarded as a dialogue between Jon’s character Victor and Ally.


  • The album actually started off really well upon its release, but numbers rapidly dipped after only a few weeks. This and the resulting disappointment from the band who seemed to have had high hopes for it may be the reason that Bounce was the only album not to be featured on the 2010’s Greatest Hits release.


  • Other songs from that era were: Alive, Another Reason To Believe, Breathe, Lucky, No Regrets, One (later on becoming Undivided), Postcards From The Wasteland, Standing We Can Dance and Mona Lisa. The latter wasn’t officially released, but many years later a rare promo CD appeared on an auction site with a song on it, ending being purchased for an insane amount of money. To this day, only a short snippet is available to the public.






  • Apart from Love Me Back To Life, all of the songs were performed live.


  • Undivided, Everyday, The Distance and Bounce were regulars during pretty much every show of the tour with Misunderstood, Joey, Right Side Of Wrong and Hook Me Up still being semi-regulars and appearing quite often, depending on the leg of the tour.


  • All About Loving You wasn’t played in its original version and probably never would’ve been performed, hadn’t it been for a visit of Jon and Richie in the German late night show “TV Total”. There the host, Stefan Raab, asked if they’d come back the next day to perform the then-current single (which was All About Loving You) if he managed to have someone pull off a similar stunt to the guy in the video and propose to his girlfriend. Jon was clearly hesistant since the day after was their one day off, but Richie, who was clearly intoxicated during their appearance, immediately agreed. They pulled the stunt off and Jon and Richie performed the song for the newly engaged couple on a small platform outside the TV studio. Three days later, during the show in Gelsenkirchen, Jon was obviously very moody due to circumstances that have never been 100% verified and played the song as a final encore on the spot with half of the band sitting there and not knowing what do. This was the last time a performance of that track was to be seen.


  • You Had Me From Hello was done in a stripped-down, slightly re-arranged way at the band’s concert in Yokohama 2003. This one had originally been planned to be recorded for an acoustic album, but due to Jon and Richie both suffering from a cold the plans got scrapped afterwards.


  • Open All Night actually never was performed live until 2008, when it appeared out of nowhere at the Mohegan Sun show in Uncasville. It was to played a few times from 2008 until 2010 before disappearing from the setlists again.


  • After the Bounce tour had ended, most of the songs rapidly vanished from the setlists. Everyday was still quite a regular on the Have A Nice Day tour, but never got played after the Lost Highway tour again. While already having been rare in 2005/06, the same was to happen to Misunderstood as well.


  • Undivided was the only song from the album to actually appear on all tours until 2013 at least once.


  • The Distance was dropped after the subsequent tour as well, only to appear out of the blue at two promo shows in Japan in 2007 and then vanishing again. Right Side Of Wrong was to have the exact same fate with a comeback at two of the Prudential Center shows in 2007, too.


  • Hook Me Up never appeared after the Bounce tour again.


  • Bounce got played a few times on following tours, with it opening two shows in Europe 2011 actually being the last sighting of it.