Rare and stunning Bon Jovi live footage from all decades!

Below you will find the last 5 uploads.


As it often happened with shows between 2000 and 2003, this one was filmed from crowd as well, so be prepared for quite a few hands getting in the way! The audio was replaced by a different source and has been remastered, making it quite enjoyable despite some blocked views that logically will appear. When the filmer does get past the obstructions, some nice close-ups can be seen though! The video was rather dark and I had to radically push some gamma settings to get it into better shape which also uncovered a bit of pixilation but makes it overall easier to watch.

Jon goes for some "hybrid version" of the original and the later-on-used acoustic version of Saturday Night, really pushing his voice but making it something really special at the same time :)

For unknown reasons, Wanted Dead Or Alive wasn't played at this show.


The band's only ever visit to Luxembourg. Rather a recording for diehards to listen to since it is plagued by constant "metallic feedback". Unfortunately, "quality reasons" are a major contributing factor as to why a good number of These Days tour recordings will probably never end up here. I think it either came from one of the microphone's cables having become unwinded in the recorder or from a broken DAT tape since I have had a cassette from Essen 1995 which featured similar issues later in in the show.

The "classic These Days trio" encore is dropped for this show, making these three missing songs more or less the only difference to the previous concert in Enschede. Jon seemed to enter Blood On Blood on his electric guitar that he had used for I Believe, giving the some a nice different touch in the beginning. He also went for some great improvised lyrics in the break of the song! There was a little misunderstanding between the band members before they started the cover song in the Sleep medley. Jon played two notes, stopped, there was silence and then Tico kicked into Brown Sugar. I think the microphone was shielded for the better part of Keep The Faith, making the audio very dull until later in the song. During These Days, Jon went for the high note at the end of the second verse in full force! For a long time (even on our own website), Rockin' All Over The World was listed in the encore and while it would've followed the band's usual setlist pattern, no recording shows any proof of it actually having been performed that night.

The overall sound was a improved a bit sonically in comparison to the version I've seen here (same source file though), but the constant metallic interferences make it rather hard to get through it at times. Since they follow no logical pattern, trying to remove them only damaged the audio much more than it woud've helped in the end.

The concert was attended by 13,000 spectators and held at a place where there's a veterinary hospital these days, not sure if it was the same back in the day.


The one performance that had everyone talking back in the day and actually made all other Any Other Day performances pale in comparison. After the band had recorded their Unplugged performance, Richie had checked himself into rehab, making the promo concert in Puerto Rico the first without him in the band's history. He returned as the band headed to London to open the O2 arena there. And as a rather standard rendition of Any Other Day was almost done, he decided it was time to leave everyone stunned as he fired into a solo that had Jon looking around to his band members, going "what is just happening" and all of them enjoying it a lot!

Video uploads from daftkast, joools and elcondenaditou were AI enhanced, remastered and mixed with the existing video. Thanks to all of you for filming and sharing this precious moment one and a half decades ago :)

Done for the 15th anniversary of this performance!


On this day 15 years ago, Bon Jovi opened up the then-newly-built O2 arena in London! It was Richie's return after his rehab stint and he delivered, especially with his impromptu solo at the of Any Other Day!

Even though video sources of the night exist, they're all rather crappy material since 2007 was the time when digital photocameras were just starting to be good enough for recording more videos, but not yet good enough to be of enjoyable quality in most cases. This audio is actually taken from a camera feed that was filmed on the arena's floor, but basically only had hands in the way and a few times glimpses of the screen at the top of the picutre. However, it was the only source with reasonably decent audio quality, even though the bass was quite distorted (and it didn't help that the volume was raised during the show either). I worked on smoothing it out a little as well as gaining a bit more clarity. Not great, but it's okay to give it a listen I'd say.


With this having been filmed off the venue's top screen, it's quite a decent one to watch even though the show had originally been put onto one DVD, causing lower resolution and quite some pixilation. Due to the darkness, a lot of digital noise was in the picture, but it was carefully lowered with Neat Video. The audio had some weird clipping (maybe a result of the compression), but I think I was able to work around most of that. Overall, the sound's pretty decent!

Following some harsh reviews on the first Prudential concerts, it was obviously the band was out there to proof something and they were absolutely on fire!